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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Dear Dr. Lewis and Staff,
I would like to thank you for anything and everything that you did to try to save my boy Dazy.  He was my life and I loved him so much, but I loved him enough that I didn't want him to suffer anymore.  He will truly, truly be missed by my family and me.  It will be hard to move on, but I know that he is now in kitty Heaven waiting for us.  I cannot thank you enough.

I too thank you for caring and loving our special boy.  There is an emptiness in our home now but we take comfort in knowing that he received the best care we could offer him.  We are forever grateful to you.

Thank you for your hard work

 Dear Healing Hands,
Thank you very much for sponsoring my soccer team in the Dorchester County Parks and Rec Soccer League.  We finished the season in second place after starting the season 0-5. We had a great time and I would like to thank you for making that happen. Thanks again!

Dr. Lewis,
For going "above and beyond" today and changing a precious little life into one of health and hope.  I have said a prayer already for the unborn kittens who will not enjoy the life "Emerald" will now enjoy, but a prayer of gratitude as well.  They will not suffer the perils imposed on feral kittens.

Sincere Thanks!



"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." -Mother Teresa
Thank you.
There are just two words to describe you "You Rock!!!"


Thank you all so very much for the wonderful care given to Tasha in her final days.  The beautiful bouquet you sent in her honor was much appreciated.  All of you are the very reason we drive an hour for my pets!




Dear Dr. Lewis and staff:
Jeckles and I wanted to thank all of you for such wonderful care and the thoughtfulness.  You know not many offices work in such harmony, blanacing each other to produce such a warm, safe atmosphere.
I just love yall! Jeckles feels the same!
Thank you again sooo much!


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